Tips for Better One-way Cheap Private Jet Flights

Stratos on-demand one-way flights and discounted empty-leg flights can have measurable cost-savings for travelers. But taking advantage of these price reductions comes with some limitations. When your schedule matters most, how you can overcome some of the limitations of one-way flights, while still leveraging lower travel costs? Here are the advantages, limitations, and solutions to booking one-way cheap private jet flights:


Stratos Jet Charters’ on-demand charter model is the most efficient and affordable method to access a cheap private jet flight. Because Stratos does not own or operate aircraft and our client base is not limited to specific geographic areas, we are able to identify the best-positioned aircraft for our clients.  

This, in turn, allows us to provide deep discounts. One-way charter flights represent about 60% of all flights sold by Stratos Jet Charters.  While one-way flights offer many advantages, there are some limitations travelers should be aware of.


One-way cheap private jet flights require that travelers adhere to the schedule of the aircraft. 

One-way flights are non-cancelable at the time of booking. This is due to the nature of coordinating multiple flight schedules. Should you cancel your charter, it would result in the aircraft being out of position for its next flight.

Departure times are restricted due to other flights scheduled around other clients. Aircraft owners want to maximize the hours flown on charter during a given day. Therefore, the aircraft must adhere to a tight departure timetable. If you arrive at the airport later than scheduled departure time on the flight itinerary, it can be considered a cancelation.  

Crew duty times are dependent upon the departure time requested. Once the duty day begins, it cannot be reset until the crew has obtained 10 consecutive hours of rest. Afternoon and evening flights generally are affected the most, but early morning flights can also be disrupted by the flight from the previous day.

Pre-flight positioning can be a concern when you have a morning departure. If the aircraft and crew end their day at an airport other than your point of departure, both weather and crew duty time can be a factor.


So, can you buy departure time flexibility for one-way flights? 

Absolutely! You can request in writing that you want the FULL DUTY DAY. This means that the crew will be in position the night before. Be aware that regardless of the length of your flight, you may incur a daily minimum fee.   

Can you buy a cancellation policy for one-way flights? 

Actually yes, you can. The traditional model for charter often allows customers to cancel with a small penalty with up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Some cancelation policies will even allow a client to cancel up to 24 hours prior. Talk to one of our professional Stratos jet charter agents about our cancelation policies. 

Stratos Jet Charters and our network of carriers adhere to these aviation rules to ensure safety, comfort, and fairness in the jet charter industry. A one-way cheap private jet flight is still an excellent option for corporate travel or even just a family getaway.


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