Even in an age when everyone has accurate information at their fingertips, some myths about jet charters abound. Perhaps it is because there is so much information that some air travelers rely on guesswork to reconcile the gaps. At Stratos Jet Charters, we’ve always believed in straight-forward answers and transparency. Well-informed clients have a better travel experience. We’ve addressed some pervasive jet charter myths in a previous blog article, but a fresh look is always valuable.

Here are three more cheap jet charter aviation myths we’d like to dispel.

Myth 1: Aircraft cabin air makes you sick.

Truth: Actually, being with sick people can make you sick. This is true whether you are in an aircraft, elevator or hotel suite. Because aircraft cabins are such a tightly-controlled pressurized environment, a lot of thought goes into making them safe and comfortable. Private jet manufacturers install hospital-grade HEPA filters to clean the air. And since private jets are usually smaller than commercial airliners, the air circulation system can completely refresh the cabin air every two minutes.

Some cheap jet charter companies cut costs by reducing the amount of deep cleaning between flights. Stratos Jet Charters clients deserve better, and we ensure our aircraft providers adhere to a strict maintenance schedule.  

Myth 2: Autopilot does all the work. 

Truth: A sophisticated auto-pilot system can reduce a pilot’s workload, but a trained aircrew is still crucial to every flight. Stratos Jet Charters sets a higher standard and requires two pilots to crew the aircraft, even if it is certified for single-pilot operation. Our charter captains must hold a valid ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate, and have a minimum of 3,000 hours of total flight time. No auto-pilot system can match that level of expertise.

Myth 3: Jet charter is expensive.

Truth: That depends on what you value. If cost is the only criteria, there are several cheap jet charter companies to choose from. What sets Stratos apart is that we value the same things as our clients:

  • efficiency
  • safety
  • flexibility
  • professionalism

We will find the right-sized aircraft for your group, and use the most convenient local airports to save driving time. Our corporate clients live by the adage that “time is money.” We honor their valuable time with quick check-in procedures, fast aircraft, and onboard amenities so they can be productive while in the air.

We also have some flexible pricing options for cost-conscious travelers. The first is our empty leg flight discount. Rather than reposition an empty aircraft after a one-way flight, we offer travelers an empty leg discount. If you and your group have some flexibility in your itinerary, you could book a cheap jet charter for less than you would pay to fly business class on a commercial airline.

Our second cost-reduction option is our Stratos Jet Card Membership. With a single up-front payment, you can lock in your costs, without having to worry about variables such as repositioning fees or fuel costs. Our corporate clients love it because they get guaranteed access to a private jet without the added expenses of owning one. And our clients’ accountants love it, because you pay a fixed rate, without multiple invoices and price fluctuations. Travel expenses are easy to control.

Now that we’ve dispelled some aviation myths, why not book your next luxury charter flight? Call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.