Private jet charters are the preferred mode of air travel for people who want to get places in a hurry, without sacrificing comfort. Clients often ask: ‘just how fast are they?’ It’s a difficult one to answer because different classes of aircraft have different performance qualities.

Most aircraft manufacturers strive to strike a balance between:

  • Carrying capacity (passengers and cargo)
  • Range
  • Cruise speed

That said, there are a number of aircraft models with class-leading cruise speeds, without drastically affecting either range or payload.

Turboprop (Single Engine) – TBM 900

When it comes to single-engine turboprops, the TBM 900 sets the standard for speed. It is capable of maximum cruise speeds up to 330 knots and has a maximum range of 1,730 nautical miles (nm). Plus, this six-seater requires just 2,380 feet of runway for takeoff.

Turboprop (Twin Engine) – Piaggio Avanti

fastest private jet charters
Not only is the Italian-made Piaggio Avanti the fastest twin-engine turboprop on the civilian market, it also holds the title as the strangest looking aircraft on this list.

The Avanti uses rear-mounted turboprops in the ‘pusher’ configuration. Further adding to its peculiar design is a small forward wing at the nose of the plane. The Italian design team is onto something, though, because the Avanti is capable of cruise speeds up to 402 knots. That’s faster than some light jets!

Light Jet – Learjet 45XR

The Learjet 45XR is a beefed up version its predecessor (Learjet 45), and is capable of flying 464 knots. It also boasts a maximum range of nearly 2,000 nm and a cruise altitude up to 51,000 feet.

Midsize Jet ­­– Citation XLS

While Cessna’s line of Citation business jets is renowned for all-around performance, they always seem to be at, or near, the head of the class in terms of speed. And the midsize category is no exception.

The Citation XLS has room for up to nine passengers, a range of up to 2,110 nm and a class-leading cruise speed of 431 knots. With credentials like that, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most commonly requested private jet charters on the market.

Super-midsize – Citation X+

The Citation X+ isn’t just the fastest private jet in the super-midsize class, it’s the fastest civilian jet in the world! It flies up to 525 knots. On average, people who use the Citation X+ for private jet charters will complete a New York-to-Los Angeles run 30 minutes faster than they would in the majority of its class competitors.

Heavy Jet – Gulfstream G650

fastest private jet charters

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Before the Citation X+ came about, the Gulfstream G650 briefly wrestled the Fastest Private Jet title away from Cessna (previously held by the Citation X). It still eclipses the heavy jet class with a blistering maximum cruise speed of 517 knots.

Charter Airliner – Boeing 747 and Airbus 380

fastest private jet charters
Despite their bulky size and impressive payload capabilities, charter airliners are surprisingly fast. Both the Boeing 747 and Airbus 380 boast optimum cruise speeds around 495 knots.

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