Third-party Verification

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Third-party verification refers to the certification of safety, maintenance and operations by an independent auditor. In the jet charter broker industry, there are three main companies that fill this role for air charter:

All air charter brokers are required to follow the regulations established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Beyond that, companies like Stratos Jet Charters choose to operate using a higher set of standards. This is where third-party verification comes into play.

Stratos Jets is a certified charter broker by both Wyvern and ARGUS. To achieve this accreditation, we had to open up our company to these auditors for inspection. They looked at things like:

  • Company operating policy and procedures
  • Staff training and competence
  • Financial stability
  • Operational history

Industry Best Practices

By having an impartial organization review our company, it helps us identify our strengths, as well as areas where we can further improve. It also demonstrates our willingness to operate with transparency, and our commitment to following best practices.

Additionally, brokers use third-party verification to inspect individual charter aircraft and the vendors who operate them. This provides an added measure of safety for clients.

Working with a jet charter broker that uses third-party verification is a good way for consumers to protect themselves. It indicates they operate with integrity and have the client’s best interests at heart.

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