There are business jets, and then there are Gulfstream business jets. From the time the company introduced the original Gulfstream GI in 1959, it has continually pushed the boundaries of product innovation and technology. As a result, it has:

  • Earned numerous awards
  • Established countless performance records
  • Garnered a loyal fan base

After establishing itself as a warplane manufacturer, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, led by cofounder Roy Grumman, decided to focus on civilian aviation following the conclusion of World War II. The twin-turboprop Gulfstream GI was the result, and this purpose-built business aircraft established Grumman (as the company was then known) as an industry leader.

Gulfstream business jets GII

The Gulfstream GII was the first business jet to cross the Atlantic Ocean nonstop in 1968.

Since then, Gulfstream business jets have been a dominant force. Their aircraft have led to a number of industry firsts, including:

  • Grumman Gulfstream GII: First business jet to cross the Atlantic Ocean nonstop (1968)
  • Gulfstream GIII: First business jet to fly over both poles (1983)
  • Gulfstream G450: First business jet to cross the Atlantic using biofuels (2011)

Additionally, when Gulfstream introduced the G650 in 2012, it held the distinction as the world’s fastest business jet. However, Cessna has since reclaimed that title with the upgraded Citation X+.

Gulfstream has also claimed a handful of prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophies over the years. Awarded by the US National Aeronautic Association, this industry honor recognizes “the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency and safety.”

Other Gulfstream business jets to merit this award include the:

  • GV
  • G550
  • G650

Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, Gulfstream Aerospace is a subsidiary of General Dynamics. The business jet manufacturer currently employs a staff of more than 13,000 around the world.

Gulfstream business jets cover a range of segments in the charter market, including midsize, super-midsize and heavy jets. Here is a look at the most popular options available to charter clients:

Gulfstream G150

Gulfstream business jets G150
With the ability to fly from New York to Los Angeles in less than six hours, the G150 is the ideal private jet charter for corporate executives on the go. Its cabin is capable of seating up to eight passengers, and it features 80 cubic feet of storage space.
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Gulfstream G200/280

The Gulfstream G200 and its significantly more advanced successor, the G280, are tremendous competitors in the super-midsize class.

Produced from 1999 to 2011, the G200 features a maximum range of 3,400 nautical miles and a cruising speed of 528 mph. The G280, which is the current production model:

  • Flies 200 nm further
  • Can carry 200 more pounds of payload
  • Has a quieter cabin
  • Offers better runway performance

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Gulfstream Heavy Jets

Gulfstream business jets GIV-SP interior

Interior of the Gulfstream GIV-SP

Without question, Gulfstream’s largest presence lies in the heavy jet market. From the tried-and-tested Gulfstream GII (many are still in service four decades later) to the ultra-sophisticated G650, there are plenty of charter flight options here. Other popular choices include:

  • GIII
  • GIV
  • GIV-SP
  • GV
  • G350
  • G550

Find out more about Gulfstream GIV-SP charters.

For more on Gulfstream’s background, read: History of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

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