Spending more time flying first class and less time in the office getting work done? Wish you could take the family away for a peaceful beach getaway without having to navigate the long lines and headaches of commercial air travel? It might be time to hire a private jet.

Once viewed as a luxury reserved only for celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs, private jet travel has taken off in recent years following its pandemic-era boost. Asking yourself, “Can I hire a private jet?” or wondering how to get started?

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind before your first flight on a private aircraft.

What do I need to know before flying on a private jet?

1. Comparing on-demand vs. fractional ownership vs. buying a plane

There are countless ways to fly on a private jet. While most people associate private jets with ownership or expensive jet card programs, on-demand charters are actually a better way to fly private for most people. 

Unlike with ownership and jet card programs, on-demand charters come with no steep initial or yearly costs. Simply charter the right aircraft for the mission every time, fly on your own terms and pay as you go, with no strings or risky upfront capital investments attached.

2. You can book with as little as four hours’ notice

Need to fly somewhere on short notice? You may not be able to find a seat on a scheduled airline that departs in a few hours, but with an on-demand charter, we can get you wheels up in about the same amount of time that you’d normally spend waiting at the airport.

3. Security checks are very different

When you fly on a private jet, you avoid the hassle of waiting in long security lines and the embarrassment of invasive TSA pat-downs. Instead, head straight to the FBO for streamlined security checks (often just running your information against TSA records).

4. The food tastes better

Private jets are impervious to jokes about airline food. When you fly with us, our team provides you with a catering menu ahead of time. If your aircraft allows, your meal will be reheated inflight. Otherwise, your food will arrive at your aircraft warm before takeoff. 

Just remember that while the food is of higher quality, altitude does affect your tastebuds and can dull some sweet and salty flavors.

5. Yes, you can invite guests to join you

Just let us know at the time of booking who you’re flying with so we can suggest the appropriate aircraft for your trip.

6. And your pets, too

That’s right, even Fido can come on the family trip when you charter a private jet. Be sure to talk to your private flight advisor about domestic and international requirements if you plan on flying with pets.

Two business people walk towards a private plane on a runway.

Private Jet Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Can a normal person rent a private jet?

Of course! Anyone can hire a private jet. From CEOs and business executives to families looking to escape the city, private jet travel is a luxury open to anyone who can afford it.

How much is a private jet for hire?

The charter cost of a private jet varies greatly depending on the aircraft chartered, its availability and the location of your departure and arrival, among other factors. 

Typically, smaller aircraft cost less per hour than larger aircraft, with efficient turboprop planes running for between $4,000 and $4,900 per hour and ultra-long-range jets starting at about $15,200 per hour.

While some brokers sell and encourage shared flights as a way to cut costs, we don’t recommend shared private jet travel at Stratos. At Stratos, we don’t offer public charters, but purely private aviation. Why? While sharing your charter with others can cut down on the cost, it also comes with significant challenges and changes to the private jet experience, namely the lack of privacy, flexibility and safety that a true jet charter brings.

However, for budget-conscious private jet travelers, there are safe ways to save money on jet charter costs.

If your itinerary is flexible, empty-leg flights are a great way to save money on your jet charter travel expenses. Just like traditional on-demand charters, these flights give you the comfort and luxury of having the aircraft to yourself, only at a fraction of the price. Why? Because flying an aircraft without any passengers is a costly endeavor. This often happens when an aircraft is chartered one-way and needs to reposition for the next passenger.

To offset the cost of flying empty, these flights, also known as deadhead flights, are offered at a fraction of the cost, with savings sometimes reaching as high as 75 percent off the cost of a conventional charter. At Stratos, we publish a list of available empty-leg flights every day.

If you’re flying on a tight schedule or there aren’t any deadhead flights available, the best way to get an accurate estimate for your next charter flight is to use our free charter cost calculator. Simply input your desired route and departure dates, and the calculator will provide a flight estimate for each suitable aircraft class. Unsure which class best suits your needs and itinerary? Fill in your contact information and press the button to get a quote and speak with our expert flight advisors.

Ready to start your journey aboard a safe, comfortable and luxurious private jet? Reach out to us online or call (888)593-9066 to get started.