Following last week’s popular post about the cost of empty leg flights, we thought we ought to take some time to break down how standard private jet charter rates are determined. From aircraft type and fuel to fees and crews, here are the factors that go into private jet charter cost:

 1. The aircraft’s hourly rate (the biggest factor determining private jet charter rates) 

Unlike coach airline tickets, which issue fares per person, private jet charter rates are for the whole plane. Rates start with the aircraft’s hourly rate, set by its owner/operator. Here are some examples of private jet price by aircraft type: private jet flight pricing


2. The itinerary

Of course, private jet charter price also considers your itinerary and estimated flight time. Here are some examples of standard private jet charter rates for a few common routes: Generally, smaller jets on shorter routes one-way will cost less than larger aircraft on longer routes.

3. All the other fees

  private jet charter cost When jet charter brokers give you a quote, it’s what we call ‘all-in.’ That means the private jet price includes the hourly rate, estimated time in the air and all these other fees:

  • The crew. Depending on the size, most private jets will have two pilots, and occasionally a flight attendant. In addition to their salaries, meals and hotel expenses are included in the crew’s fees while they’re working.
  • Airport landing fees. Airports charge landing fees determined by the weight of an aircraft.
  • Handling fees. Aircraft handling companies or Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s) handle the ground management of an aircraft—fueling up, waste sanitation, crew facilities, etc.
  • Catering and transportation. At Stratos, our trip support team takes care of details like this after an agent makes your booking to ensure smooth and seamless handling of the other services you need to have a great flight, including gourmet catering and ground transportation.
  • Taxes. Some countries (like the UK and Italy) and airports tax jet charter passengers according to distance traveled.
  • Ground, overnight and daily minimum fees. If a flight itinerary requires multiple days on the ground before returning to the airport you departed from, there may be overnight fees and/or daily minimums. 


4. Unforeseen fees

  private jet charter for winter travel Occasionally Mother Nature throws us a curveball. In winter, if the weather turns and your aircraft requires de-icing before departure, de-icing fees are billed to jet charter passengers after their trip. These are the factors that determine on-demand private jet charter rates, but discerning travelers who want a little more budget predictability often opt to lock in private jet prices with a Jet Card Membership. To learn more, read our post 5 Reasons to Try Private Jet Card Membership. Are you looking for a jet charter broker who can harness their expertise to make recommendations about safe aircraft and routing choices, and then talk private jet charter rates? Talk to Stratos! 888-593-9066