5 Reasons to Try Private Jet Card Membership

Have you ever thought about owning a private jet? Perhaps you have, and then you looked into hangar fees, aircraft depreciation, the rising cost of fuel and maintenance, the crew fees…and the list goes on. So, buying your own Boeing might not be the best investment, but how can you fly smarter if you use private aviation frequently? The Stratos answer is our Jet Card Membership—25 hours of fixed price flight time with guaranteed aircraft availability. So, is a private jet card membership for you?

1.You want the benefits of owning a private jet, but you don’t want the hassle or the expense.

You’ve been flying on private jets for a while now, and you couldn’t live without the exceptional convenience, safety and service, but you know owning a private jet would add one more thing for you to manage, and it doesn’t make sense financially.

2. You want to travel on your own terms.

Our jet card guarantees your aircraft will be available with as little as 10 hour’s notice, giving you the flexibility you need to accommodate changing and last-minute travel plans.

3. You want to say goodbye to quotes and invoices.

Spend less time getting quotes, and more time playing...or even working.

Spend less time getting quotes, and more time playing…or even working.

Your jet card membership means you won’t have to waste time reviewing quotes or paying invoices anymore. Your only transaction is a single, up-front payment. Jet cards provide 25 hours of occupied flight time in a certain category of aircraft (light, midsize, super midsize or heavy jets) so Stratos can always provide the best aircraft for your flight needs. View our jet card fixed rate pricing.

4. You want to lock in private aviation costs.

The jet card also offers an easier way to manage your expenses and achieve budget predictability because you have jet card membership offers fixed rates. By locking in costs, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating market-driven prices, an annual membership fee or even positioning costs because you only pay for the time you’re in the plane.

5. You want consistently exceptional travel experiences.

Private Falcon 7X Jet Flight

Private jet card membership gives our aircraft professionals a chance to get to know your preferences.

Private jet card membership gives our aircraft professionals a chance to get to know your preferences.At Stratos, we’re committed to delivering an outstanding experience every flight. In fact, we’ve got an entire trip support department dedicated to organizing all the finer details such as custom catering, in real-time. As a jet card member, our air charter professionals get the chance to understand your unique needs, continuously improve your experience and provide the height of service and selection of the safest, most modern aircraft. Are you ready to fly smarter? Talk to Stratos about our 25-hour private jet card, providing top-tier safety, selection, service and convenience all in one upfront payment. Call Stratos at 888-593-9066.

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