How a Private Jet Group Charter Makes Sense for Your Travels


You may think a significant portion of the jet charter business is flying individuals to corporate meetings. And though many professionals enjoy the versatility and extraordinary service Stratos offers, they are only part of our clientele. We offer the same exceptional service to groups! So when you need to take your family for a getaway, or bring a whole college sports team to a tournament, we can help organize your private jet group charter.  

3 Tips to Booking Your Private Jet Group Charter

Many of these tips are gleaned from our Stratos Group Charter webpage. If you have time, we recommend you follow the link to look at the detailed information. But here is a summary of what you will need to know to book a group charter:

The type of group charter

Stratos offers specialized charters for the Oil & Gas Industry, Concert Tours and Sports Teams. Knowing the type of group helps our expert private flight advisors recommend an appropriate aircraft. This is especially important if your group has a multi-city itinerary.

The group’s travel needs 

We’ll ask you how many passengers are traveling, the distance & destination, and what amenities you may need. Cabin amenities range from a straightforward “seat and storage” to complete executive meeting space, with wi-fi and large-screen TVs for presentations. We may also ask you if you require meals, depending on the number of travelers, and the length of the flight.

The regulations

Many of our clients prefer private jet group charters because the pre-flight prep and security procedures are much less stressful than flying with a commercial airline. But the safety rules still apply. Depending on your destination, your group may need travel documents and baggage screening. If you have other questions, such as accommodating persons with disabilities, or the rules for bringing pets, please talk to our knowledgeable private flight advisors. (You can also learn more about the Private Standard Security Program and other group charter topics on our FAQ page.)

The next step is easy! You can learn more about our different types of charters and request a quote through our Group Charters web page, or just call one of our friendly air charter experts at the number below.  

If you are taking your group to a major event, see our previous blog article on “Six Things to Know When Booking Jet Charters to Major Events.” We’ll get your group to its destination comfortably and safely.


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