The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to look at the trends that will influence private jet travel in 2019. We touched on this in a previous blog (Top Travel Trends) but now is a great time to explore the trends further.  As a Stratos luxury jet charter traveler, you can benefit from knowing what to expect in 2019.


Once travel buzzword or an afterthought, sustainability has emerged as a priority. Some analysts say it is partly because of a demographic shift in luxury travelers, but more importantly, a growing awareness across all age groups. Travelers still want to explore the world, but they also understand the need to preserve it for future generations. Hotels, resorts and other destinations are making eco-friendly efforts to attract sustainability-conscious travelers.

Cultural Connection

More travelers are seeking a meaningful cultural interaction. Lounging by the hotel pool is still popular, but only after a full day of exploring. Luxury jet charter travelers want to hike through natural wonders, explore new neighborhoods, and sample local cuisine. As one travel expert put it, “it’s the small moments with a memorable impact that are often the most important part of the trip.”

Hiring a Guide

This is very much related to the desire for genuine experiences. Exploring your destination at your own pace is one of the delights of travel. But tight schedules, foreign languages and challenging terrain can all hamper your enjoyment. Hiring a reputable guide lets you savor each moment, instead of worrying about what’s next. As off-the-beaten-path cultural and outdoor adventures grow in popularity, so will guide services.

Diverse Destinations

Domestic luxury jet travel is up, especially for weekend jaunts to Las Vegas, New York and Aspen. But travelers are also yearning for novelty. According to the Affluent Traveler Collection, the top 2019 foreign destinations are an intriguing mix of new routes and perennial favorites. The rugged beauty of Iceland tops the list, followed by South Africa, Japan, Croatia and Italy.

So, now that you know the trends, where will you go this year? Somewhere exotic, or somewhere familiar? Or both – as you discover a familiar place in a new way? Now is the golden era of luxury jet charter travel. The world is getting a little smaller every day; get out and experience while you can.

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