Travel is changing for the better. Smithsonian Magazine recently posted a summary of top travel destinations since 1980. What’s intriguing is that some destinations were obvious (sunny Jamaica), while others were complete surprises (Ireland swooped to the top of the list in 2010). As a Stratos private jet charter traveler, you can benefit from knowing travel trends and beliefs. Here’s a list of the top 4 trends in global private jet charter travel for 2019:


With the growth of the Internet, most travelers would jump onto a website, book a flight and hotel, and take their chances. But the sheer number of choices can be time-consuming and frustrating. Smart travelers are developing a trusting relationship with travel professionals who can handle all the details. Stratos Private Jet Charter agents are trained to find the perfect jet charter flight for your needs. Of course, lead-time will make all the difference when planning a holiday. Taking the time to explore options and discuss preferences empowers your agent to do more for you.


This is no surprise. Stratos Private Jet Charter travelers have always had the freedom to choose their itineraries, aircraft type and even nearest airport. But international travel choice is ever-changing. In the 1990’s, the end of apartheid in South Africa sparked a sudden travel boom. Likewise, a dip in the Argentine economy in the 2000’s made the nation affordable for international travelers. However, it’s a tricky game; a social upheaval might create travel freedom, but may also increase the potential risks.


Of course, it is easy to be at peace in a comfortable private aircraft seat. The emerging trend is that travelers want to experience peace at their destinations. It no longer means lounging by the hotel pool. More are discovering an inner peace to booking trips off the beaten path, such as a spa retreat in Oslo instead of Paris, or perhaps a canopy tour in Costa Rica. Others want an authentic local experience by staying at an alpaca ranch in Australia or harvesting grapes in Tuscany.



Multi-generational family travel is one of the biggest recent trends. While family travel is nothing new, the frequency of family trips has increased. The challenge is creating an itinerary that will satisfy the kids and the parents (and grandparents). A niche within family travel is an increase in mother and daughter or father and son trips. And while theme parks are still a staple of family travel, some families are letting their kids choose private jet charter destinations such as snorkeling in Maui, or skiing in the Canadian Rockies. While no one can predict the future of travel, now is the golden age of private jet charter travel. The world is getting a little smaller every day; get out and experience it while you can.   If you’re looking for a private jet rental company that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.