Private jets and business aviation have made the world a smaller place to trade and conduct commerce across all forms of industry. And while advancements in communications technology have allowed businesses to collaborate anytime and pretty much anywhere on the planet, sometimes face-to-face meetings are required to conclude a deal that’ll bring your business to the next level. The speed at which business happens in the 21st Century is astounding. Fail to keep up, and you risk falling behind your competitors. Stay ahead of the curve, and you’ll become renowned as a forward thinker. Many companies in the latter category charter private jets when conducting international business. Here’s why:

Create a Global Network

Many companies are recognizing that in order to grow their businesses, they must tap into the global talent pool. It’s no longer enough to source trading partners, production, expertise and industry contacts locally. And if your company headquarters is in Philadelphia, but you have manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, you’re going to have to travel there from time to time to monitor the operation. By choosing a private jet charter, you can:

  • Book flights easily, often with same-day departures
  • Save time at the airport
  • Conduct private business in-flight without disruption
  • Arrive at the closest possible airport to your actual destination

Establish an Air of Respect

If you’re looking to set a tone of authority, let your international business partners know you’ll be arriving for your meeting in Brussels in a private jet. Not only will you arrive relaxed and ready to do business, you’ll command a little more respect, which could give you an edge as you head into negotiations.

Bring Business to You

If you’re looking to win over a new client or impress a potential trading partner, flying them in on a private jet charter—rather than having them endure the rigors of commercial airline travel—to conduct business shows you’re serious.

Time is Money

Every hour you waste in an airport lineup—whether it’s arriving three hours early for your flight, or standing in line for check-in and security—you’re company isn’t growing. Not only that, but it’s mentally and physically exhausting, which inhibits productivity. Private jet travel will help you avoid all of this, and it’ll actually increase your productivity, simply because you’ll have more time on your hands. If you’re in the late stages of a contract proposal, or a client has introduced some last-minute changes to project, that extra time will always come in handy. For companies thinking of investing in their own private jet, read Improving Business Jet Market: Buy Now for Private Jet Flights. Looking to expand your international business horizons? Stratos Jet Charters offers access to more than 3,500 private jets of all sizes to suit your business needs. With experienced flight crews and dedicated customer service agents, every aspect of your trip will be handled meticulously and professionally. Request a quote! Image courtesy Unsplash by Anthony Indraus.