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Private Jet Charters Aren’t Just for the Super-Rich

Let’s not kid ourselves: flying on private jet charters is a luxury travel experience. But it’s not reserved solely for the upper echelons of society. The prevailing notion that you have to be a Hollywood A-lister, business magnate or a trust-fund baby to fly on one simply isn’t true. So who, exactly, is renting a private jet these days? Some of the answers might surprise you.

Promotional Tours

Whether it’s a New York Timesbestseller an indie film that’s garnering critical acclaim, or a politician trying to sway voters, you can bet there’ll be a promotional tour to maximize exposure. To help authors, actors and politicians make the rounds for their book signings, talk show appearances and political rallies, private jet charters are the go-to mode of travel for several reasons:

  • Choose the type and size of aircraft based on your needs
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Reduces travel time and stress
  • Avoid busier airports
  • More discreet

Similarly, many touring performers rely on group air charters to transport crewmembers, as well as their equipment. By choosing this method of air travel, you’re no longer at the mercy of an airline’s schedule.

Corporate Travel

There’s a common misconception that business travel is exclusively for CEOs and private jet charters for corporate travel other top-level executives. While they represent a significant portion of this segment, other key personnel also use corporate jet travel. For instance, let’s say a company is working on a specific project that requires travel between office branches. By using private jet charters, team members can remain productive while they travel. Some larger business jets are configured to have meeting rooms, as well as many of the technologies you’d find in a standard office, such as phone service and wireless Internet. For business that need to transport lower-end personnel between industrial jobsites—such as oil and gasoperations—group charters are an ideal solution.


LeBron, Tiger and Tom Brady aren’t the onlystar athletes who use private jets. Entire teams will often charter a jet to attend a game. Charter airliners are a popular choice, as they allow you to take all of your equipment, support staff and personal items in one aircraft. Additionally, sports fans will use private jet charters to fly to marquee sporting events around the world. For instance, the Super Bowl is the single busiest day for jet charter travel in the United States. Whichever city hosts the event invariably experiences a major surge in traffic at local airports.


To take the stress out of travel, many families are turning to private jet charters to child-friendly private jet charters coordinate holidays. It is a far more relaxed approach to aviation, which is ideal for families with small children. You can even bring pets on some aircraft. Other advantages include:

  • Kid-friendly catering and entertainment
  • Less restrictive cabin environment
  • Easier to enjoy family time while flying
  • Reduces wait times at the airport
  • Door-to-door ground transportation available

From promotional tours to corporate travel to family vacations, Stratos Jet Charters arranges private jet charters that are tailored to your unique travel requirements. Call us to discuss your next trip—888-593-9066—or start a quote online.

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