Private Jets and Trip Support: Everything You Need to Know

Searching for a private jets provider online can keep you scrolling endlessly through webpage after webpage. After all, most providers are the same. Except for Stratos. 

When you book a charter with a different provider, you’ll likely have one point of contact. That salesperson will be responsible for sourcing the aircraft, organizing the travel details, arranging car services and catering, ensuring that service providers are on the same page and doing exactly what is expected, and, in some cases, providing the invoice and collecting the money. They’re basically running a full desk. Though the idea of dealing with only one person may be appealing to some travelers, it can lead to problems a little further down the road.

To avoid these issues and enjoy a truly white-glove customer experience, you’ll want to hire a company that dedicates team members to the coordination and execution phase of your flight.  At Stratos, we call this department Trip Support. Through proper aircraft selection and by helping you make an informed buying decision, the Trip Support team follows a well-developed process to ensure the proper organization of every flight, giving Stratos clients assurance so that they can feel relaxed and protected during every leg of their journey.

Trip Support tasks & advantages

When one person organizes every detail of your flight, they become task saturated, which may result in holes in your itinerary. To avoid that, we’ve put together a team solely dedicated to ensuring your upcoming travel itinerary is flawless. This process has also been designed in a way that allows Stratos clients to track and monitor the progress of coordination in real-time! 

Trip Support is responsible for more than just supporting your trip, as the name implies. They’re extensively trained for safety and the air charter industry as a whole. 

Here’s what Trip Support will do for you:

1. Run a safety audit on the air carrier being considered for your mission. Trip Support seeks out the safest air carriers in the world. They’ll run the intended air carriers’ operational history to ensure there are no collisions on record by reviewing the check report/safety intelligence report. We do this for every flight to ensure the carrier is compliant with Part 135 operations, has no major enforcement actions against them, and holds a flawless safety rating.

2. Audit the crew. In addition to ensuring the carrier is fit for hire, they’ll also take a look at the crew’s history to ensure they meet all the necessary safety requirements. It’s also important for Trip Support to confirm that the crew members have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. 

3. Verify the tail number. When an aircraft is assigned to a Stratos client, Trip Support will take the extra steps to ensure that tail is properly certified and has no known airworthiness or maintenance directives.

 4. Create the itinerary. Trip Support works with the air carrier to plan your entire flight. They will advise of the carrier’s preferred FBO (fixed-base operator) for the departure and arrival or work with the carrier to allow you to choose the FBO location. The team will also confirm the departure date and time.  

5. Provide flight following.  Trip Support will keep you or your loved ones informed of your travel progress every step of the way.

The flight following process begins with a weather review 24-hours before departure, immediately followed by a complete review of the travel details.  Once the client approves the details, all services will be reconfirmed one final time.   

On the day of departure, our Trip support team confirms that each service has been delivered and is in place to ensure the proper execution of your trip.

 6. Provide additional concierge services. Trip Support can help organize those additional details too, like:

  • Ground transportation to and from the FBO
  • Overnight accommodations and resort stays
  • In-flight catering and additional in-flight requirements
  • Meeting room & event space rentals

In a nutshell, Trip Support will ensure your safety and make sure your trip is perfectly planned and executed.

When things don’t go as planned on private jets

 Despite our best efforts, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. When this happens, Stratos will always sit on the same side of the table as you. We’ll help you resolve the issues that arise and ensure the outcome benefits you, to the best of our ability. 

Lean on our expertise

When you call Stratos, you’ll first speak to a private flight advisor. They’ll need to know where you’re going and which aircraft you prefer to charter. Once an aircraft has been decided on, Trip Support will handle the rest. From setting up the departure time to ensuring the private jets are fully compliant with booking overnight accommodations, Trip Support will ensure your itinerary is arranged exactly as you imagined.


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