Renting a Private Jet vs. Flying First Class

We sometimes get asked, “Is there a difference between flying first-class on a commercial jet and traveling on a private jet charter?” The experiences are similar but essentially different. It comes down to your specific needs as a traveler. At Stratos, we know that well-informed travelers have better travel experiences. With that in mind, here are several factors to consider when deciding whether you should fly first class or rent a private jet.

First Class on a Commercial Airline

Commercial airlines compete aggressively to offer the best first-class experience to travelers.  Wider seats, extra-legroom, sleep pods, customized entertainment, and meal selection are some of the perks of first-class commercial travel. Some airlines also offer points and rewards that can be used for accommodations, resorts, limo service or VIP lounge access. Flying first-class on a commercial jet makes sense if you are flying solo or in a small group of two or three to a major hub.

Here are some thoughts to consider: No matter how comfy the seats or excellent the service, first-class is only a portion of a larger aircraft. You still have to share cargo space, cabin air, and on smaller aircraft, flight attendant attention.  On larger aircraft, the greater the number of passengers, the greater the possibility that you may miss a crucial meeting if the aircraft is diverted for another passenger’s disruptive behavior or medical emergency.

Your productivity expectations should also be considered. If you are looking forward to working on your tablet or laptop in exclusive comfort, first-class is ideal. But if you need room to spread out documents, or need to meet with your colleagues on the flight, first class is not always able to accommodate that.

Your itinerary will also be determined by the airline’s schedule. Your group may not be able to depart or arrive at the ideal time for your needs either.

Stratos Private Jet Charter

The essential difference when you rent a private jet is that it is your flight. Our Stratos Charter agents can help you choose

business people on a private jet charter

Renting a private jet gives corporate passengers the ability to be more productive in flight.

the perfect aircraft for your flight.  The first advantage is that many private jet charters depart from a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) that is separate from the main terminal. The security procedures are faster, and you don’t have to wait for hundreds of passengers to board before you can depart.

The comfort level when you rent a private jet is comparable to a cozy first-class seat. The essential difference is that the whole aircraft is first-class. Elegant spaciousness is the standard. Seats are arranged to maximize comfort and productivity.  Groups can have face-to-face conversations, and use fold-out tables for additional workspaces. Depending on the aircraft, you can also use high-speed internet for video-conferencing and presentations if needed.

You can also control almost every aspect of cabin comfort. That includes choosing the cabin temperature, lighting, meal & beverage service, and entertainment.  Most seats recline so you can catch some sleep, and some aircraft even offer fully berthable seats or beds for longer flights.

Finally, we recognize that time is your most valuable asset. When you rent a private jet from Stratos, we can help maximize your itinerary. Need to arrive rested and ready for an important morning meeting? We can schedule a departure time that meets your timetable. And if you need to get to a smaller, regional airport that is closer to your destination, we can usually avoid the major hubs and fly you directly there.

We also offer many other perks, such as a concierge Trip Support team, and a fixed-rate Jet Card plan that gives our VIPs the maximum flexibility. Talk to one of our Booking Agents about these options.

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