Safety has always been the priority at Stratos Jet Charters. When Joel Thomas founded Stratos in 2007, the jet charter industry was not as tightly regulated as it is now. As a result, we had to create our own standards for our private jet flights

In many ways, the industry regulations have caught up to the high safety standards we created years ago. “Safety” can be a catch-all term for many diverse elements of a private jet flight experience. So let’s break it down to the Top 4 Safety Questions to ask your private jet charter agent.

Q: Do You Screen Your Charter Operators?

A: At Stratos, we’ve maintained a rigorous pre-screening for every charter operator in our network. It’s called the Approved Vendor Program. Before we work with a company, we proactively ensure that each aircraft operator is in compliance with Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations and that they have a proven history of providing safe, successful private jet flights. We also look at their financial records, to confirm they have the resources to maintain aircraft and train their crews.

Q: Is Stratos accredited?

A: We have numerous accreditations, each focusing on a specific aspect of our industry. To ensure the safety of our clients, ARGUS monitors our aircraft and operator selection process. Similarly, we are also accredited by Wyvern, to ensure our business practices, pricing and regulatory compliance are fair and transparent. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are affiliated with the Air Charter Safety Foundation.  A complete list can be found on our Accreditations page.

Q: Are the crews well-trained?

A: When you are booking a private jet flight with Stratos, you can be assured our pilots and crews meet our highest safety standards. For example, Stratos Jet Charters requires two pilots to crew the aircraft, even if it’s certified for single-pilot operation.  The pilots in our network are required to hold a valid ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate, the highest level of training in the aviation industry. It is the same certification required by commercial airline pilots. Then, to captain a charter flight, a pilot must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of total flight time. Likewise, flight attendants must pass a variety of emergency procedure tests before they ever serve on a charter aircraft.

Q: Do you meet the new Federal Aviation Standards?

A: Yes, we do. In February 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration updated its standards in a document called “Part 295 Regulations.” While primarily aimed at blocking unethical business practices, Part 295 also included some valuable safety legislation for private jet flights. Under Part 295, private jet brokers may not misrepresent the quality or type of aircraft. Nor can they misrepresent qualifications of the pilot, or the safety record of the pilots, aircraft or air carriers. Finally, brokers cannot misrepresent membership with any third-party auditing organizations such as ARGUS or Wyvern.

At Stratos, we have staked our reputation on safety, transparency, and professionalism. Our customers deserve the best.


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