Stratos Jet Charters has built a solid reputation by finding the perfect-sized aircraft for our clients’ travel needs.  Most of our clients require fast, nimble executive jets perfect for corporate travel. But what if your group air charter requires a larger aircraft?

Our network of carriers has access to airliners that can carry anywhere from 11 to 525 passengers. So, when you need to fly a symphony orchestra, a sports team or your top clients and their families, we have the airliner for your charter.

Here are our top 3 types of airliners for your group travel plans.

Turboprop Airliners
Saab 2000

The Saab 2000 can accommodate up to 50 people

Turboprop airliners are the most economical choice for a group air charter. Stratos has access to turboprop aircraft that can carry anywhere from 11 to 72 passengers in comfort. The advantage of chartering a turboprop is its renowned safety and efficiency. They are the workhorses of any charter fleet, perfect for short to mid-range flights up to 800 miles. Aircraft manufacturers have recognized this important niche by designing ultra-comfortable turboprop aircraft that are just as luxurious, spacious and quiet as their executive jet cousins. 

You can explore the various turboprops in our network at our Turbo Prop Airliner webpage.

Jet Airliners

Airbus A380 Charter Flights

The Airbus A380 is capable of transporting up to 500 passengers at a time

This is the aircraft type most people visualize when they think of a group air charter. But even within the jet airliner category, there is significant diversity. The smallest jet airliner in our network, the Airbus A318 is designed to carry 107 passengers. At the other end of the scale, you could charter the largest airliner on the market, the Airbus A380, with a capacity for 525 passengers. The advantage of all jet airliners is their range and speed.  These aircraft are perfect for international flights, with all the amenities for meals, entertainment, and restful travel. They also have excellent cargo capacity, perfect for musical instruments, golf clubs or skis, depending on your needs. 

You’ll find more details on our charter Jet Airliners page.


Charter A luxury Private jet

Boeing’s 727VIP offers staterooms, private bedrooms, and fully-serviced wet bars

Luxury Jet Airliners

There are times when our clients expect a higher standard of comfort and privacy for their group air charter.  Our luxury airliners are ideal for top CEOs, celebrities, heads of state and even royalty.  Instead of focusing on high passenger capacity, luxury airliners are designed to be spacious. They are essentially flying hotel suites, which can carry an elite group in roomy comfort.  For example, a standard Boeing 727 commercial airliner can carry 189 passengers, but Stratos has access to the luxurious Boeing 727 VIP version, which seats between 16 and 30 passengers. The extra space is devoted to a bar and dining area, a business center, staterooms, and large private bedrooms.  

If you would like to compare any of our charter jet airliners, go to our Stratos Airliner Page, and use the “Compare  +” button beside each aircraft listing to generate a custom side-by-side list of aircraft features and statistics.


When you are ready to book a luxury group air charter flight anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets Charters at 888-593-9066.