Stratos Jet Charters is devoted to delivering customized private charter solutions. We have arranged travel for small groups of executive VIPs and for large sports teams. But we devote particular attention to ensuring our passengers flying with disabilities enjoy the same comfort and consideration as our other passengers.

If you are hesitant to book a charter because you or someone in your group has extra needs, rest assured we can accommodate you with privacy, comfort, and professionalism. 

Here are the top 3 ways we can assist travelers flying with disabilities:

Wheelchairs and Walkers

This is one of the most common requests we receive for extra assistance. Our Stratos team can help you with each stage of your charter. We will find a spacious, comfortable jet that can accommodate a wheelchair or walker. Typically, private jet charters have their own gate and security check-ins, so you can avoid lengthy line-ups at the airport.

In some cases, we can even arrange ground transportation right to your aircraft. And crew members will gladly assist you in boarding your plane.  If you need more information, have a look at our Wheelchairs On A Plane webpage. 

Support Animals

We recognize the value of emotional and physical support animals and strive to accommodate our guests with animals. The safety and comfort of both human passengers flying with disabilities and their animals are the deciding factors. If your animal can safely be in the cabin, it can accompany you throughout the flight.

However, some breeds of dogs, most cats, and other smaller animals may be safer and more comfortable in a pet carrier. Also, be sure to bring any documentation you may need for your animal. This is crucial for international flights. Some countries have stringent rules about the types of animals permitted within their borders. 

You can find more suggestions on our Tips for Four-Legged Travelers page.  

Ground Transportation & Trip Support

As noted, we can help with all aspects of your travels, both for airborne and ground transportation.  Our Trip Support Team are experts at assisting travelers flying with disabilities. For example, they can arrange wheelchair–accessible ground transportation at your departure airport and at your destination. Trip Support can also book hotel rooms that are ideal for disabled travelers, and find hotels that welcome helper animals.

The team is adept at making your flight worry-free. Whether you need special in-flight meals, extra privacy or even business amenities for productivity, we can handle it.  

So if there is a business conference, family retreat or a foreign resort you’d love to visit, we will get you there. Disabled travelers can enjoy the same benefits we offer all our clients: safety, comfort, professionalism, and service.  


When you are ready to book a luxury group air charter journey anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets Charters at 888-593-9066.