ACANA As a consumer of private aviation, you have a choice when it comes to selecting an air charter service provider. Having confidence in the jet charter agent you choose to do business with is an important part of this decision. In recent years, the air charter industry has expanded to include many, new charter brokerages. At Stratos Jet Charters, we have become increasingly aware of charter brokers who are more interested in making a one-time profit than in providing an honest, reliable charter service. These charter brokers offer rock-bottom prices for services that are likewise at the bottom. Consumers who fly with these brokers are not likely to fly privately again, and thus miss out on the benefits afforded by private aviation. With these concerns in mind, Stratos Jets has taken an active leadership role in the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA). ACANA, the industry’s first and only self-regulatory organization, is comprised of the finest and most reputable charter brokerages in North America. ACANA members work together to promote best practices and ethics to the growing number of charter brokers emerging throughout the industry. Stratos Jets, along with other ACANA members, adhere to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism, thereby setting the benchmark for excellence in the air charter industry. With that said, shouldn’t your jet charter agent be an ACANA member? In the following article, we will endeavor to explain the benefits of working with an ACANA professional.

Commitment to Best Practices and Professionalism

ACANA membership is exclusive: Only the finest and most well-established charter brokerages in North America are invited to join ACANA. ACANA members are specifically chosen for their excellent business structure, emphasis on consumer education, and most importantly, commitment to best practices and ethics. The stringent membership criteria of ACANA ensures that each member adheres to ACANA’s best practices and rules for professionalism. By working with an ACANA member, you can rest assured that your jet charter agency is among the finest in the industry.

Financial Stability and Health

ACANA was founded on the idea that every charter consumer deserves to have confidence in their charter service provider. For this reason, ACANA requires all prospective and current ACANA members to provide certified documentation that proves their financial stability and health as a company. As an ACANA member, we believe that the financial history and standing of your charter agent matters, both in terms of the assurances that you will receive what you have paid for and in the overall performance and quality of services you receive.

Adherence to FAA and DOT regulations

Unfortunately, low-cost charter brokers can offer greatly reduced prices by ignoring critical safety and maintenance regulations required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). By working with an ACANA member, you are afforded the assurance that such illegal and dangerous practices will never occur. In addition to FAA and DOT pilot training and aircraft maintenance requirements, many ACANA brokers, including Stratos Jets, enforce their own enhanced safety and professional standards. As the industry’s only self-regulatory organization, ACANA provides key information to the DOT to help craft future air charter safety regulations for the industry. _____________________________________________________________ Stratos Jets is proud to be a leading member of ACANA, and to represent the best of what the industry has to offer. The philosophy of building close, long-term relationships with our clients has been a hallmark of our business since its foundation, and we are glad to see more charter agencies joining the ranks of ACANA. We will continue to set the benchmark for professionalism and excellence in business aviation and encourage more charter brokers to adopt the standards of ACANA. The goal of this article has been to teach you of the value and importance of ACANA, so that you can make wise decisions for private jet charter. Moving forward, we hope that you will put every charter broker to the test by asking if they are apart of our prestigious organization.