At Stratos Jet Charters, we set the standard for excellence in business aviation. As an on-demand air charter agency, we act on behalf of our clients to arrange private charter flights on the safest, most well-maintained aircraft, under the command of a highly experienced flight crew. Our private flight advisors can provide access to approximately 2,500 aircraft that have been pre-screened through the Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program, the industry’s first and only air carrier due-diligence program.

All of the aircraft in the Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program have met with our stringent safety standards, in addition to the Part 135 requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration. Because we do not own or operate any of these aircraft, we are able to source the best-positioned aircraft that can meet the individual demands of your itinerary.  By analyzing the demands of the charter market, we can readily identify the location of multiple aircraft that can accommodate your trip. Our expert private flight advisors can find the right aircraft for your flight, whether you need to travel on a tight schedule, relax in a comfortable cabin, or simply obtain the best, available price.

After ensuring your personal safety, our number goal is to create a seamless charter experience that surpasses any other in luxury and convenience. In addition to a superior air charter service, we offer several concierge services to enhance the quality and efficiency of your charter flight. Through Stratos Jets concierge services, we can offer a wide variety of luxury services from in-flight catering to ground transportation to on-board Wi-Fi. We provide a highly-personalized charter service by paying close attention to every detail of your charter flight. We can accommodate just about any request, and take great pride in our ability to meet the unique needs of our clients.

In-Flight Catering

No one can work on an empty stomach. Having a meal onboard your aircraft allows you to focus on the priorities of your day, without the distraction of hunger. Stratos Jets in-flight catering service accommodates a wide variety of tastes and special dietary needs. With our in-flight catering service, you can choose from a suggested list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, or you can create your own menu based on your preferences. Our private flight advisors can handle any size catering order, whether you need a light box lunch to hold you over, or a full four-course meal to impress your clients. In addition, we can provide in-flight catering for any size of aircraft, from a small turboprop, to a large Boeing Business Jet, which is ideal for large group charter flights. All of our caterers come highly-recommended by our concierge services staff, so we can always assure you of the quality and integrity of your meal.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your charter experience shouldn’t be anything less than exceptional. At Stratos Jets, we go above and beyond to ensure that your in-flight catering meets or exceeds your highest expectations. Unlike other charter companies, we track the delivery of your catering order from start to end to ensure that your meal is ready and waiting for you when you board your private plane. By taking advantage of Stratos Jets convenient in-flight catering service, you can maximize your time and efficiency, while sampling some of the finest gourmet cuisine in the world.