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And as you surely know, a primary focus for us at Stratos Jets is business aviation, and the tremendous overall value, productivity gains and convenience that private jet charter has to offer those executives traveling for business. But there are a lot of other needs that lead individuals to take advantage of private jet charter travel.

Some of these include group charters; courier, air cargo and high-value item transport; oil and gas jet charter; emergency evacuations and humanitarian relief; emergency medical transport, and more. And our ability to serve each of these specific needs provides us with a unique opportunity to play a role in a solution that is typically critical to our clients.

One recent example of how important this role can be in the lives of consumers actually occurred on a commercial flight, and we thought so highly of this action that we wanted to share the story with you. And note here that Delta Airlines is also the owner of Delta Private Jets, a vendor of Stratos Jets but also a competitor. But once again, we feel this story deserves recognition that goes far beyond our valued partnership but also friendly rivalry with Delta.

Jessie Frank was trying to get home from New York to Atlanta in time to pick her diabetic daughter up from camp. But after a day of frustrating delays, cancellations, being re-routed and mechanical failures, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Though she didn’t mention it at the time, she says “It was important for me to get home” not important enough to tell anyone but that Friday I was to pick up my Type 1 Diabetic 12 year old from her diabetes summer camp. “I’m sure she would have been fine if someone else had shown up in my place, but it’s a special moment for me”, Frank wrote. Camp Kudzu gives my daughter 5 days a year when she feels “normal”. Pick-up day gives me a glimpse into that special world where she’s just like everyone else, and she’s a little bit of a different person for the rest of the day. By the next day, it’s back to the harsh realities of managing a difficult, deadly, incurable disease that kills 1 in 20 before the age of 18. Most people just don’t understand how different it is from regular diabetes.

Just as she was about to give up hope, she squeaked onto one of the last flights out of Reagan National in D.C. where she had been diverted, but only because someone else gave up their seat. The last person on a standby list of 8, as she rushed down the jetway the flight attendant was already shaking her head, until a quick conversation with an individual not wearing any official uniform. This person even helped with her suitcase upon boarding.

As the plane finally descended into Atlanta, the flight attendant announced that there was a special guest on board. He was riding in a jump seat, because he had given up his place to allow one more person on that flight. And that special guest was? Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta Airlines.

In a letter to Anderson, Frank was amazed that the CEO of the airline “did all that for me, just an average, middle-aged woman with, as far as anyone at Delta knew, no special reason to get home. Thank you, Richard Anderson. As a result of your leadership and the actions of yourself and your employees, I had my special day with my special child. You and your employees gave us both one more day of happiness, and for that, we are both very grateful”.

We think this inspirational story exemplifies what both commercial travel and private jet travel can be at their very best. Another example we can share from here at Stratos Jets relates to medical transportation flights mentioned earlier. Most individuals needing this service are extremely sick, some even on their death bed. While we cannot do these flights completely free of charge, in these situations we will do everything humanly possible to minimize costs, as well as provide extra services, and in general go above and beyond to make the best of a bad situation for the patient and family. This is because we feel that in service to our clients there is far more to consider than simply “making a profit”, and as a Christian-owned company we strive every day to apply the values we believe in to our business operations and our personal relationships with clients, vendors and business partners.

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