If you look to the skies, you’ll see more jet contrails than you have in a long time. Jet travel is back, and demand for private aviation has surged. This recent surge doesn’t appear to be a one-time spike in demand either. 

A recent survey indicated 69% of private aviation clients intend to fly more post-COVID than they did before the pandemic. Where does that leave you as a potential traveler? Let’s look at the trend and some of the benefits of booking with Stratos Jet Charters.

The Demand

As noted, 69% of travelers surveyed plan to use private aviation more than they did before the pandemic. The survey, conducted by Private Jet Card Comparisons, also noted that 28% of travelers intended to fly as much as they did before, and only 3% intend to fly less than before the pandemic.

“Business aviation continues to show that we are well past recovery mode and into growth mode. While we are seeing strong leisure demand in these numbers it appears we are looking at an industry that is 5% to 10% larger post-pandemic than it was pre-pandemic,” says Travis Kuhn, VP of Market Intelligence at ARGUS International.

The Reasons for Flying

The availability and reliability of private aviation during the pandemic have also shifted the reasons for travel.

Types of flying before the pandemic:  

  • 52% = combination of personal/vacation/business

  • 44% = personal/vacation only

  • 4% = business only

Post-pandemic (July 2021):

  • 43% = combination of personal/vacation/business

  • 54% = personal / vacation only

  • 3% = business only

More travelers are choosing private aviation for personal travel, after discovering the increased health and biosafety benefits during the pandemic.

The Reasons for Choosing Private Aviation

The majority of respondents said they chose private aviation to avoid the hassles of commercial travel. Private jet travel advantages include:

  • Smaller private airports and aircraft mean increased biosafety

  • Check-in and security processes are much quicker

  • Greater scheduling flexibility

  • Higher standard of inflight service

The Stratos Advantage

As demand for more personal travel soars, your best choice is a reliable broker. With any high-demand product or service, some unreliable companies may emerge with unbeatable offers. 

But is that bargain flight worth your safety?

Stratos has been providing safe, trustworthy accredited private jet service since 2006. We’ve built a broad network of on-demand aviation services that can handle any mission. Stratos believes in the power of transparency – our aircraft types, charter rates, accreditations, and customer comments are all available on our website for all to access.

So when your family or executive group wants to fly, call us. Even when demand soars for private jets, Stratos continues to soar higher. We will get you wherever you need to be.


To book an exceptional private luxury charter flight anywhere in the world, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.