Scalable solutions are one of the pillars of Stratos Jet Charters. We have developed a reliable network of approved vendors to accomplish any charter mission. So when clients ask for the “best jet” for their domestic charter flights, we respond that the best jet is always the one that meets your specific travel needs. Some jets are faster, some have greater range, some have lower operating costs and all are extremely comfortable.

If you are planning a domestic flight this year, here are four aircraft options to consider:


Aircraft range is one of the primary considerations for domestic charter flights. Though Stratos has access to some amazing long-range heavy jets, for this article we’ll focus on turbo-props, light, and midsize jets. So, how much range do you need? Here are some real-world measurements as guidelines:


Affordable, efficient turbo-props are the low-cost leaders for domestic charter flights. Although not as fast as our larger jets, the turbos can still get a group of 5 to 9 passengers to a domestic destination in comfort and safety. For instance, the Piper Cheyenne has a 2,200-mile range. You could fly a group of 6 from Charleston to San Francisco without the cost of chartering a large jet aircraft.


For our executive clients, speed is essential to maintain competitive business schedules. If you want a fast jet for a domestic charter flight, look at our light and midsize jet categories. Turbo-props have a maximum speed of 460 mph, while the Light, Super Light, and Mid-Size Jets can reach speeds between 500 and 600 mph. Category speed leaders include:

  • The 6-seat Beechjet 400 light jet, capable of 531 mph.
  • The Learjet 70 super-light jet can transport 6 passengers at an amazing 622 mph
  • Embraer’s Praetor 600 super-midsize jet can whisk 8 passengers across the country at 631 mph

Spaciousness and Amenities

This is where we shine at providing customized domestic charter flights. Speed, range, and cost are fixed numerical values, but comfort and service are personal preferences. If you’re bringing sports gear or materials for a presentation, ask our Trip Advisors about aircraft with additional cargo space. Most of the mid-size jets in our network can carry 50-60 cubic feet of cargo. However, the Swiss-made Pilatus PC-24 jet has 90 cubic feet of internal storage, plus it is easily accessible from the cabin.

Amenities can include special meals, mobility access, Wi-Fi, inflight entertainment, extra cabin legroom, work areas, and even suites with showers and beds. Again, scalability is our strength. If you need the basics for on-demand domestic charter flights, we can do that. And if you require executive-class luxury to impress a corporate team, we can meet those expectations too.

We also offer a concierge Trip Support team. This team can arrange accommodation, ground transportation, a conference room, or event tickets, so you have stress-free travels!

So, there is no ‘best jet’ for domestic charter flights because we tailor each charter flight to your specific requirements. Stratos is the ideal choice for safety, comfort, and value.

To book an extraordinary private luxury charter flight anywhere, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.