Our executive clients trust Stratos Jet Charters for on-demand charter flights. Many businesses require short-notice flights to capitalize on new opportunities, but one emerging trend is impacting the viability of on-demand flights: summer travel. After months of restrictions and uncertainty, there is a surge of groups booking summer charter flights. Everyone wants to travel!

This summer, rather than use our on-demand model, we recommend booking your Stratos getaway flight as early as possible. Here are four tips to help you decide when to book:

Booking early gives you control over your flight

Stratos has built a solid charter network and infrastructure to support executive short-notice flights. However, like any limited resource, the best choices are purchased early. For example, if you want to go mountain-biking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, your pilot and aircraft will need to meet specific aviation criteria. Jackson Hole is a high-altitude airport inside a National Park, with strict approach and noise-abatement guidelines.

With advance notice, Stratos Jet Charters can find the perfect jet and an experienced flight crew to ensure you get to your mountain vacation safely. But if you wait too long, those resources may not be available and you may need to revise or cancel your trip.

Customize your inflight experience

The earlier you book, the better we can customize your flight. If you’re traveling with family, we can find the ideal jet to accommodate all family members. This could range from special meals and stroller stowage for parents with young kids to Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment for teens, to mobility access for seniors.

As we’ve previously mentioned, we’re very good at anticipating the needs of our executive short-notice flight clients, but if you give us advance notice, we can pamper your family group too!

Early booking ensures stress-free ground transportation

This is a concern we often see with short-notice flights. Groups become so focused on the flight and accommodation details, they overlook ground transportation.  However, summer 2021 is definitely not the year to take chances with vehicle availability.  Several media outlets have reported rental car and limousine shortages, especially in resort areas in the Southern US.

Although Stratos Jet charters cannot control vehicle demand, we do have an excellent concierge Trip Support Team that can usually find the ground transportation you need. Just give us a heads up! Whether you require a comfy SUV for your golf buddies or a bus for your soccer team, we will find a way to get you to and from the airport.

Think about your traveling pets

Unlike commercial airlines, pets can usually travel with you in a private charter jet cabin. You can find more details on this Pet Travel page. If you plan to bring your pets, there are many advantages to booking as early as possible.

First, if you are bringing your pet to an international destination, you may need to arrange pet health documentation from your vet.

Secondly, advance booking will give the flight crew time to prep the aircraft for everyone’s safety, including the animal passengers. Also, given enough notice, our amazing Trip Support Team can find pet-safe ground transportation and pet-friendly hotels for your getaway.


When you’re ready for a safe, luxurious private jet flight this summer, call Stratos Jet Charters, 888-593-9066