On June 1, Stratos established a new jet charter office in Charleston, South Carolina, expanding on its current Orlando-based office. The new office can be found at Atlantic Aviation, a fixed-base operator located at the Charleston International Airport (CHS). 

“The new location is in the perfect position to offer clients an extended commitment to the personalized customer experience Stratos has always been known for,” said Stratos CEO & founder Joel Thomas. “It’s a really great location,” he added.

The new office renovations are well under way and expected to be completed soon.

As a busy jet charter hub, Charleston International sees a lot of private jet traffic annually, including many Stratos clients. The FBO currently offers a lounge, access to Wi-Fi, a snooze room, showers, a conference room, and an unlimited supply of lemonade and sweet tea. It’s a really great spot to kick up your heels while waiting for your charter or catching a little nap between flights.

Zach Rankin - Private Flight

With more than five years of business-to-business and luxury sales experience, Zach Rankin leads the office expansion into Charleston.

At the helm of the new office expansion sits Zach Rankin, Sales Director.

When asked about the move to Charleston, Zach said, “I was really interested in opening up the office in Charleston. The location is ideal since we see quite a bit of traffic here. I’ve also got family in the area, and family is really important to me, so this move not only allows me to better serve our jet charter clients, it lets me spend more time with my family. I’m a new uncle, so it’ll be really great to spend more time with my nephew.” 

When asked about the added personal-touch customer experience, Zach said, “We have a lot of great clients right here in Charleston. We always try to go the extra mile. In fact, for one of them, I was able to pick them up at their home myself. I drove them directly to the FBO so they could catch their charter flight. It was a really great experience, and I was grateful to be close enough to help our client make that flight.”

Zach and Birdie head to the new office in Charleston.

Since the office is attached to a hangar, Zach gets to keep an eye on aircraft while securing the safest charter flights available. “I’ve also got my own personal guard dog/hostess here too,” Zach added. “Her name is Birdie and she’s always in the office, bringing smiles to the faces of the crew, TSA agents and passengers alike.”

The convenient new office location can benefit clients new to Stratos as well. “If someone’s personal aircraft breaks down and they need a jet charter flight as soon as possible, they can always come see me. We can book them a flight quickly and efficiently,” said Zach. “I’m really looking forward to helping secure safe charter flights for whoever needs them, while being able to deliver an extra personal touch for our client flying into and out of Charleston.”


Stratos has been committed to providing clients with exceptional customer service, educational resources, fair pricing, and honest advice since its inception nearly two decades ago. To book a charter flight, please reach out to your private flight advisor directly or call (888) 593-9066.