During the pandemic, we welcomed many new corporate clients to our private charter flights. As the commercial airlines struggled with the restrictions, Stratos Jet Charters was able to meet the corporate demand.

Now that many restrictions have been lifted, corporate travelers are asking which is a better value – a first-class commercial seat or private jet flights? The answer depends on what you value when you book corporate flights.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we compiled the benefits of both types of providers.

Benefits of a First-class Commercial Seat

empty first-class seat on a commercial airline flight  Commercial airlines offer several perks for travelers who book corporate flights in first class. Many carriers offer chef-inspired meals, VIP points, extra legroom, and sleep pods for their first-class passengers.

Cost is another consideration. First-class commercial can be cost-effective for individuals or small groups traveling a well-established route between major hub airports. For example, a one-way first-class commercial flight from Boston to San Francisco is approximately $2,400 per person. The same route on a medium-sized charter jet starts at about $3,800 per hour. However, once you start adding passengers to a group, the difference narrows. Booking a group of 8 on a private jet would bring you within the same price range as booking 8 first-class seats on a commercial airline.

Benefits of Booking a Private Jet Charter

interior of a private jet charter As mentioned, good value goes beyond the bottom-line cost. When you book corporate flights with Stratos Jet Charters, you get the whole jet, not just a first-class section. Health, efficiency, flexibility, and comfort are also important flight considerations. Here is why our current executive clients choose Stratos:

  • Smaller FBO terminals and easy-to-sanitize smaller jets increase passenger bio-safety.
  • Executive jets are designed for in-flight productivity. Hold face-to-face or virtual meetings, spread out your work on a fold-down table, connect your devices with onboard WiFi.
  • You choose the schedule and destination. Stratos provides on-demand jet charters, so you can depart when it suits your team. And our nimble jets can usually save you time by landing at smaller regional airports to get you closer to your meeting or resort.
  • Every seat is a first-class seat when you book corporate flights with Stratos. You have entertainment, comfort settings, and climate controls at your fingertips. Meal services are gourmet-quality and can be customized to your needs. Your team arrives relaxed, refreshed, and ready.

So, commercial flights can save you money, but the trade-off is that you have to fly on their schedule and share the flight and terminal with a large group of strangers.

Private jet charters cost more upfront, but you enjoy the benefits of bio-safety, flexibility, productivity, and extraordinarily high standards of service and comfort. It’s worth it.

To book an amazing private luxury charter flight anywhere, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.