If your plans need to change, we will do everything in our power to accommodate the changes. One of the benefits of hiring Stratos Jet Charters is that we have much more flexibility than commercial airlines and can provide many more air charter services.

We have two teams that can help you. Here is a brief description of each:

Charter Sales Agents 

This is the initial contact team. They evaluate your travel needs to identify the appropriate aircraft type for your travel plan. Pricing is determined by aircraft availability, its position related to the intended departure location and the position of where the aircraft needs to be after performing the customer’s flight.   

Trip Support Team

Once the aircraft has been selected, Trip Support works with the customer, the air carrier and all concierge service providers to organize all of the travel details. Trip Support is responsible for coordinating:

  • Departure time
  • Departure and arrival at the Fixed Base departure location
  • Ensuring assigned crew members meet Stratos experience requirements
  • Making sure the insurance is current and everyone is protected
  • Coordinating all concierge services

In reference to last-minute itinerary changes, any changes would go through the Trip Support Team.

Our customers often have demanding flight itineraries that can change quickly. They’ve come to appreciate knowing there’s an entire team of people focused on organizing all the details of their trip. Stratos Jet Charters wants to provide our clients with consistently outstanding air charter service and an impeccable safety record.