With some preparation, flying on jets with kids can be an enjoyable family travel experience.  Here are some tips, based on the age of the child:

Babies and Toddlers

Babies can be held by their parents, or travel in an approved baby carrier. 

When traveling with toddlers, you can choose to book the toddler in a seat of their own, or as a lap passenger.  There are pros and cons to both, depending on your need for comfort, and your child’s temperament.


Children over the age of 2 do not qualify as lap passengers and will need a seat of their own.  Since charter jet aircraft are usually smaller than a commercial airliner, you will be able to sit together as a family.

Depending on the aircraft and destination, there may be in-flight entertainment options available. Most parents will pack multiple amusements to entertain a child for the duration of a flight.

Here are some other things to consider when flying on jets with kids:

What to bring

  • diaper bag
  • travel documentation
  • strollers/baby carriers

What to expect

Your child may be bothered by the sounds, motion and duration of a private jet charter flight. Fortunately, fewer people are usually on a jet charter than on a commercial airliner. Your child won’t disturb a lot of other people.

Safety and privacy concerns

The benefit of flying with a private jet charter is that you have more privacy when you need to breastfeed your child or change your child’s diapers.  The only major safety rule is that parents and children remain seat-belted if the aircraft encounters turbulence.

Extra needs

Our Trip Support team can help you with any extras you may need, such as ground transportation, hotel bookings, stroller cargo storage, or special meals.