Air Charter

An air charter is the act of renting or leasing a jet or plane for the purpose of transporting cargo or passengers. Private jet brokers like Stratos Jet Charters arrange air charter flights for clients all over the world for many different reasons. One of the most popular uses for an air charter is for business aviation. Many companies charter corporate jets to transport CEOs and other business executives quickly and comfortably to important meetings and other time-sensitive business functions. The use of an air charter gives its passengers a greater range of airports to choose from, which opens up many more options for flight planning. This can save travelers time and hassle on the ground, as they often have much shorter distances to travel to reach their chosen destinations. Person travel is another common use for private air charters. With the ability to fly on their own schedule and bypass the onerous procedures of commercial air travel, private jet travelers for its convenience. Plus, when you fly on an air charter, there’s no need to worry who you’re traveling with, as you get the entire cabin all to yourself. For companies that need to move valuable cargo between destinations in a hurry, a charter is often the preferred mode of transport. Large charter airliners have the capacity to haul large, heavy payloads long distances. Other popular uses for air charter flights include:

  • Traveling sports teams
  • Touring performers
  • Air ambulance
  • Humanitarian relief missions

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