Alternate Airport

An alternate airport is a secondary airport that allows a charter plane to land when the intended airport is not available. There are numerous reasons why a luxury jet charter might need to access an alternate airport, including:


If the weather conditions at your intended airport threaten air charter safety, a luxury jet charter might need to land at an alternate airport in the area where conditions are more favorable.


If something goes wrong during a charter flight, the pilot might need to land at the nearest airport.


One perk of private aviation is that luxury jet charter clients can choose from a wider range of airports. If the destination airport happens to be congested, or unavailable for other reasons, the pilot might be able to reroute the flight to a more convenient airport in the local area.

Temporary Flight Restrictions

From time to the, the FAA will issue a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for a given airspace. This prevents air charter flights from flying into that airspace without the proper clearance. As a result, the charter operator will need to find an alternate airport.

With any of the above scenarios, passengers might need to arrange additional ground travel to reach their destination.