Repositioning Time

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Repositioning time is known as the time it takes for an aircraft to move from the departure gate to the runway. When there is a lot of aircraft traffic, the reposition time can be long and can affect aircraft charter rates. However, when flying privately from a smaller airport, the repositioning time is minimal and so are the aircraft charter rates.

Total Flight Time

When a flight is scheduled, many factors are at play that can affect the total time the trip will take:

  • Weather conditions
  • Expected amount of repositioning and taxi time
  • Presence of jet streams
  • Distance to be travelled/between take-off and landing airports

When flight times are calculated, each of these items are taken into consideration and allowances are made. If the repositioning time extends longer than expected, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) will be pushed back as well.

Aircraft Size Plays a Role too

Private jet charters are becoming much more popular due to the easiness and efficiency. In commercial airports, the reposition time of a plane is typically much longer than at smaller private airports. This is due to a few reasons:

  • Larger sized commercial planes require extra space to turn around and approach the runway
  • Higher traffic volumes equate to longer wait times

While jet charter aircraft are smaller than commercial aircraft, they require less room to maneuverer on the ground. And because many of them utilize smaller private airports, less time is spent waiting on other aircraft to take-off.

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