The area of land or water used for the landings and takeoffs of helicopter charters, including FBOs and other buildings, structures and grounds.

Heliports are quite similar to airports, except, of course, the type of aircraft is different. And just like an airport, you can expect to find a range of FBOs providing various services are at heliport, including:

  • Fueling services
  • Hangar facilities
  • Passenger facilities (restaurants, wait areas)

In larger centers, you can also find customs services to allow for the arrival and departures of international helicopter charters.

Fly at the Speed of Business

Heliports are typically found in larger centers. They’re a popular mode of transport for business executives who need to keep appointments across town. They’re also useful for traveling to outlying regions. Many larger corporations will maintain their own private heliports, sometimes located conveniently on the office rooftop.

Because a helicopter doesn’t require the long takeoff distance of a fixed-wing aircraft, heliports don’t take up a lot of space compared to an airport. As a result, heliports can be situated just about anywhere, and enables them to be easily accessible.

In other instances, heliports are located on the same premises as airports. This is a major convenience for corporate travelers flying into town on a business jet. Once they touch down, they can immediately transfer to a helicopter and continue flying to their final destination. As a result, travelers can avoid traffic on the ground.

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