A helipad is an area of land or water used for the landings and takeoffs of helicopter charters. This includes FBOs (fixed-base operators), other structures and the surrounding property.

In its most basic form, a helipad would provide a touchdown and liftoff area. However, in larger centers, they can include multiple platforms and other service amenities such as:

  • Fueling stations
  • Hangars
  • Passenger facilities
  • Customs areas (for international travel)
  • Offices

Helicopter Charters Save Time

As you can see, a helipad is a lot like an airport, only it’s used for helicopters. In fact, many larger airports contain heliports on the premises. This is extremely useful for travelers who fly into a city on private jet charters. Instead of commuting by ground, they continue their journey using helicopter charters. This approach has several advantages:

  • Shortens travel time
  • Bypass traffic congestion
  • Suitable for small groups

Stratos Jet Charters has more than a decade of experience in arranging both jet charters and helicopter charters for our clients. Whether you need to fly across town for a meeting, or you’re connecting with an incoming charter flight, our expert charter agents will arrange a seamless fight plan for you. We have access to major heliports across the United States. We can also arrange helicopter rentals to areas where there’s no available airport or helipad.