Bell Long Ranger


A helicopter is a rotor-driven aircraft that uses vertical axes with pitched blades to generate lift and stability. In the air charter market, helicopter charters are extremely useful for executives who frequently have to attend meetings within the same city.

In addition to providing stunning views of cityscapes and surrounding areas, helicopter rentals allow busy executives to bypass traffic congestion at ground level. They allow small groups of passengers to dart between heliports, quickly and efficiently. Some companies have their own private heliports. This could be on an office rooftop, or some other dedicated landing area.

Faster than Ground Transportation

Another common use for helicopter charters is for corporate travellers who fly into town on a jet charter. Rather than rely on ground transportation, they can quickly board a helicopter at their destination airport and fly directly to their meeting, manufacturing plant or other endpoint.

A typical helicopter rental has a maximum range of about 400 miles and an average cruising speed of 100mph. As a result, corporate travellers also use them for short hops between cities. However, for longer missions, either a turboprop or light jet will likely be a better option. They’re faster and more fuel efficient.

In addition to arranging corporate jet rentals, Stratos Jets also coordinates helicopter charters as part of your travel itinerary.

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