FAA Part 91

Part 91 is part of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Unlike Part 135 and Part 121, Part 91 deals with the air charter operator and the operator’s rules and regulations during a flight specifically. Airlines and charter companies will refer to Part 91 before hiring a pilot to determine their certifications and qualifications.

Pilots & Part 91

Besides outlining the required certifications, Part 91 provides pilots with a wealth of informational requirements. Some of these items include:

  • Guidelines to be met when operating under VFR (visual flight rules) or IFR (instrument flight rules)
  • Minimum equipment requirements in both VFR and IFR conditions
  • Outlines airspace in the current National Airspace System
  • Explains uncontrolled airspace and prohibited airspace areas
  • Certification required to keep their pilot license current and up-to-date

If a pilot’s training is not up to the current standards outlined in Part 91, the pilot is prohibited in its flying abilities. For example, a commercial pilot with out-dated training is not authorized to fly with passengers.

Aircraft & Part 91

There are also a few sections in Part 91 that deal with not only the air charter operator but also the aircraft they operate. These sections deal mostly with fractional ownership, minimum equipment, special flight operations, and foreign aircraft operations and ownership.

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