Ferry Flight

Embraer business jets Phenom 300

A ferry flight is the opposite of a private charter flight. It refers to a non-revenue-generating flight typically used for delivery. A ferry flight can be used to:

  • Deliver a new aircraft from the manufacturer to its customer
  • Move one aircraft from a base of operations to another
  • Return an aircraft to base
  • Move an aircraft to or from a repair facility
  • Move an empty airliner from one airport to another, which are also known as positioning flights

Obtaining a Ferry Permit

Before an aircraft can be considered for ferrying, it must receive a permit. The permit is a written authorization that’s issued by the National Airworthiness Authority. It gives permission for a non-airworthy civil aircraft to be moved from its present location to a repair facility.

In rare cases, a private charter flight can double as a ferry flight. This is specifically referred to as an empty leg flight. An empty leg flight is often advertised for a reduced cost in an effort for the operator to recoup the incurred flight costs. However, if a charter delivers its passengers to their destination, but needs to return to its originating base without passengers, the return flight would be considered a ferry flight.


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