Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)

Jet Charter Safety

The FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations) are a set of rules created by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), such as FAA Part 135 and 121, that govern all civil aviation in the U.S. The Federal Aviation Regulations police a large number of activities. Some of these activities include:

  • Typical airline flights
  • Aircraft design
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Pilot training and certification
  • Hot-air ballooning
  • Model aircraft operation
  • Model rocket launches
  • Man-made building heights
  • Obstruction lighting and marking
  • Drone operation
  • Kite flying
  • Lighter-than-air aircraft

Although it may seem like some of these activities are unnecessary to regulate, the FARs are designed to ensure safe aviation. By regulating all airborne activity, the FARs protect flight crew, passengers, and the general public from danger. The Many, Many Regulations of the FAA The FARs are divided into thousands of independent schedules. However, only a small percentage pertains to air charters. The two most common sections utilized and adhered to by air charter brokers and operators are FAA Part 121 and FAA Part 135. At Stratos Jets, safety of our passengers and crew members is our number one priority. To make sure every booked charter is safe, we make sure every aircraft carrier is in compliance with Part 135 of the FARs.We also conduct a third party safety to audit as well.

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