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For business and leisure passengers, catering is an inflight meal service provided for passengers aboard private charter flights. It can range anywhere from refreshments and a fruit tray, all the way up to fine dining and multi-course meals. Stratos Jet Charters, through its dedicated Trip Support team, offers clients the ability to customize their inflight meal options. We’re able arrange meal plans based on:

  • Dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc.)
  • Religious observances (Kosher, Halal)
  • Food allergies

Duration of Private Charter Flights

For instance, if you’re taking a quick up-and-down flight from New York to Washington D.C., you might only have time for a light box lunch. If you’re flying from New York to London on a Gulfstream 550 charter, you’ll need a little more sustenance to get you through the trip. And whether you’re flying on the aforementioned Gulfstream 550 charter or a single-engine turboprop, Stratos Jets provides inflight catering for aircraft of any size. We choose caterers that use only the finest quality ingredients and who deliver freshly prepared meals that will be ready for you to enjoy the moment you board you plane. For aircraft with full galleys, such as a Boeing Business Jet charter, you’ll enjoy a wider range of dining options. This is because crew members can prepare meals inflight. For smaller private charter flights, catering companies prepare meals offsite and then deliver them.

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