Pilot in Command

The pilot in command (PIC) is the crewmember that is responsible for safety and operations of a jet rental throughout a given mission. From the time the aircraft begins taxiing towards the runway, to the time it comes to rest after landing, the pilot in command has authority over all operations associated with that air charter.

Most air charter companies require their pilots to hold a valid ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate. This is the highest level of training in the industry. Commercial airlines also use ATP certification.

Required Pilot Training to Operate a Jet Rental

Furthermore, air charter brokers like Stratos Jet Charters require pilots to meet other standards before they’re allowed to serve as pilot in command on a jet rental. These include:

  • Minimum 3,000 hours total flight time, half as pilot in command
  • First class medical certificate
  • Minimum 250 hours ‘time in type’ training for the specific aircraft they’re flying

Many pilots start out as commercial airlines pilots before making the switch to the private jet charter market. While the scheduling demands can slightly more erratic, charter pilots typically fly during daylight hours. Furthermore, they can often return home after the day’s work.

Serving as the pilot in command comes with a lot of responsibility. In the event of an infraction, they will be legally responsible.

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