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Point-to-point pricing usually occurs when someone charters a jet from a location other than where that aircraft is based. Also known as a transient aircraft charter, point-to-point is typically the result of an empty leg being chartered for a portion of the primary routing of the original air charter itinerary. Point-to-point pricing is also used to determine empty leg flights cost.

The Point-to-Point Pricing Considerations

There are a number of factors that determine point-to-point pricing.

They include:

  • the type of aircraft
  • distance of flight
  • how often the route is flown
  • fuel costs at the time of the flight
  • operational costs
  • if the jet is flying into a secondary or commercialized airport

A leading charter company offering point-to-point pricing, Stratos Jets charters empty-leg flights to or from metropolitan areas such as Orlando, FL, New York, NY, and Boston, MA. Flights can also be booked to and from secondary airports, offering customers better pricing, more comfortable flights, and shorter traveling times due to reduction in cancellations and delays found in larger more commercialized airports.

Through its extensive network of private aircraft operators around the country, Stratos Jets can provide customers with point-to-point pricing on any size private plane at a moments notice. Stratos Jets can also provide empty leg flights cost to any clients looking for a last-minute trip to an undecided location.


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