Private Flights for 150 passengers on a Boeing 737

Positioning is the act of a charter aircraft moving from its current location to its departure point. Positioning, as long as the aircraft is moving to its departure point, can occur:

  • On the ramp
  • Runway
  • Tarmac
  • Or apron

Positioning According to the ATC

Air Traffic Control uses the term positioning to instruct a pilot on where to move the charter aircraft. Commonly, ATC will use the term when referring directly to the act of moving the aircraft off the taxiway, passed the holding line, and onto the runway. This command might sound something like this: “position and hold on the runway to prepare for take off.”

Another common phrase used by ATC may sound like this, “Position 15C cleared for take off.” This means the pilot operating the aircraft in question may proceed to Runway 15C and begin take off.

Alternatively, the pilot may use the term positioning to advise ATC what he’s doing with the aircraft. For example, if a pilot is heading to the runway in preparation for departure, they will radio ATC and advise them of their positioning.

Positioning vs. Positioning Time

Positioning is the act of moving while positioning time is the amount of time the act takes to complete.

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