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A private jet is a jet aircraft created and designed for transporting small groups of people from one destination to another. A person may choose to fly private for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • The ability to skip line-ups at airports
  • Flexibility to arrange flights based on an individual’s personal itinerary
  • Being able to fly private is more peaceful and relaxing
  • Individuals save time by arriving minutes before a scheduled flight instead of hours
  • Catered inflight menus can be added to any flight
  • Small airports can be utilized to avoid traffic in busy metropolis areas
  • Private jets have the capability to fly into locations not available to commercial airliners

A Variety of Classes

Private jets come in a variety of different classes, categorized by their size. These classes are known as:

  • Very light jet – typically seat six – two crew members and four passengers
  • Light jet – this model can accommodate six to eight passengers
  • Mid-size jet – mid-size jets are designed for nine passengers
  • Super mid-size jet – they can accommodate 10 to 11 passengers
  • Large jets – these jets can carry 13 to 14 passengers
  • VIP airliners – also known as bizliner, these jets are used to accommodate sports teams and other large groups

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