Private Flight Advisor Fee

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An private flight advisor fee is assessed by the private flight advisor for services provided. The private flight advisor fee is similar to that of a private jet broker fee but is usually a flat rate, rather than a percentage of the air charter cost. With jet charter brokers like Stratos Jet Charters, your private flight advisor is your first point of contact. And once you’ve worked with a professional charter agent, you’ll quickly understand their value. With a few quick questions, a jet charter agent will quickly be able to narrow down potential charter jets that will satisfy the client’s specific travel needs. This is typically based on:

  • Number of passengers traveling
  • Distance travelled
  • In-flight amenities requested
  • Private jet performance
  • Airport restrictions

Additionally, an agent will always try to source the best-positioned charter jets relative to the originating airport. This helps keep repositioning costs to a minimum. Another important role of an agent is to help clients determine the most appropriate destination airport. In many instances, the agent will find airports that help the client avoid congested commercial terminals. They also have a broader assortment of airports to choose from, which enables clients to arrive closer to their final destination.

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