Director of Trip Support

Air Charter Agent

An air charter agent is someone who is contracted on behalf of the end user of the charter flight. A charter agent works to ensure:

  • Fair market value
  • Reasonable safety measures are followed
  • Flexibility and options for the purchaser of the air charter flight

Making a Good First Impression

At Stratos Jets, our air charter agents are our first impression. When clients reach out to us to find charter planes, the first person they typically deal with is an air charter agent. In addition to providing a high standard of customer service, our highly trained agents are capable of:

  • Sourcing the most appropriate aircraft for a proposed itinerary
  • Recommending potential airports based on mission parameters
  • Securing competitive jet charter prices
  • Liaising with air carriers and other service providers to fulfill flight requirements

Furthermore, the Stratos Jets air charter agent you end up working with will serve as the single point of contact throughout the flight planning process. That way, you clients are ensured of continuity and familiarity.

Another important role of an air charter agent is safety. Before a Stratos Jets agent will recommend a particular air carrier, he or she will ensure they meet the basic criteria espoused in either Part 135 and/or Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Additionally, they will ensure a third-party safety auditing firm—such as ARGUS or Wyvern—inspects the carrier and aircraft before recommending them.

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