Q-Star is an independent third party verification process that administers safety standards for a private jet charter and other charter operators so they can continue to make improvements in aviation safety.

Other companies that provide third-party verification include Wyvern and ARGUS.

 Q-Star History

The Q-Star third-party verification process was started by the Flight Safety Foundation (FSA) in 2001 to provide safety assessment of U.S. aircraft charters.

According to the FSA, the program was established to help corporate flight departments to identify U.S. charter providers that operate to safety standards significantly higher than the minimum regulatory requirements established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

 How it Works

Established by the aviation industry, Q-Star operates as a third-party verification auditor to give customers looking to hire a private jet charter information on safety, service, operations, management, and performance. It also offers a rating system on where a private jet charter stands with other operators.

Q-Star also helps private jet charter brokers make a decision when it comes to chartering aircraft that will meet their high safety standards, including aircraft management, crew qualifications, and maintenance.


Stratos Jets uses third-party verification certification of safety, maintenance and operations by independent auditors Wyvern and ARGUS, which follow the same principles set out by Q-Star.

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