Radar is the transmission of a radio pulse that provides information on the range and elevation of objects within the path of transmitted pulses. In the aviation industry, air traffic controllers use radar to detect aircraft flying through their airspace. This could be anything from an airliner to a luxury jet charter. Radar helps air traffic controllers coordinate the safe and efficient flow of air traffic. In addition to locating aircraft, radar also determines an aircraft’s:

  • Speed
  • Heading
  • Distance from other objects (fixed and moving)

Radar technology has been around since before World War II. It’s an acronym for Radar Detection And Ranging. While it was first used for military applications, radar is still relied upon today as an aircraft anti-collision system.

How Does Radar Work?

It works through a transmitter, which emits radio waves. When these waves encounter a solid object, such as a luxury jet charter, the wave reflects back and is picked up by a receiver.

Radar on a Luxury Jet Charter?

Aircraft also feature radar equipment, which pilots can use to identify:

  • Nearby aircraft
  • Obstacles
  • Weather formations

Furthermore, meteorologists use radar to monitor weather systems. With the advent of the Global Positioning System (GPS) by the American military, the Federal Aviation Administration is currently in the process of replacing radar in favor of this newer technology. Not only is it more accurate, it’s cheaper to operate and maintain.

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