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Industry-Leading Safety and Service for Private Charter Flights in Connecticut

Private jet charter flights in Connecticut make the most convenient, enjoyable ways to travel. A private charter flight can be scheduled around your needs, conserving time and energy. Connecticut private jet charter flights are also far more comfortable and flexible than traveling by commercial carrier.

Not all flights are created equal, however. Stratos Jets provides the highest levels of safety and service, leading the industry in many ways. With Connecticut being a top destination for business travelers and others, Stratos arranges flights all throughout the state. Learn more about how you can Soar Higher™ with Stratos on private jet charter flights in Connecticut.

Our Deep Dedication to Safety

The commercial aviation industry has a justified reputation for safety. When it comes to private charter flights, on the other hand, many have understandable concerns. One of the founding goals for Stratos Jets was to set a better example by bolstering safety in every effective way. Our customer can always be confident that everything possible is being done to protect them as they travel.

  • Due Diligence That Goes Beyond the Norms: Our commitment to safety begins with our industry-leading due diligence. Other brokers do just the bare minimum, working with any carrier who offers private jet charter flights in Connecticut. We research our partners far more thoroughly, accepting only the best. Our approved carriers demonstrate their own deep commitments to safety along with real stability. The two-pilot teams we entrust with our passengers are the most experienced and safety-focused of all. With independent, third-party checks verifying our own work, our passengers can rest assured they are always in the best and safest of hands.
  • An ARGUS Certified Charter Broker: One longtime issue in the private jet charter industry is a lack of transparency. Even brokers who claim to value the safety of their clients may cut corners, even if such issues do not always come to light. We back up our own promises by submitting to independent examination from others. As one of the first ARGUS Certified Charter Brokers, we have opened our processes and books to the most intensive scrutiny in the industry. Stratos Jets stands among the very few brokers whose commitment to safety has been verified by third parties.
  • An ACANA Member and Leader: The Air Charter Association of North America works to make the industry safer. Stratos Jets is a proud member and more. In fact, we have helped lead ACANA, expanding its mission to encompass private jet charter brokers. Much progress has been made, a fact of which we are proud. We believe that only continuous effort can make the industry as safe as possible, however. Our own processes and standards reflect this, and we always strive to help others learn from our example.
  • More Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind: Even a minor mishap can be devastating, so we do everything possible to rule them out. We believe in doing the utmost by our clients no matter what happens. Each of our carrier partners maintains millions of dollars in coverage for every passenger on a plane. On average, turboprop flights arranged by Stratos include at least $25 million in liability coverage. Our private jet charter flights in Connecticut and elsewhere average $50 million of protection. On top of those generous limits, we add another $25 million in coverage of our own for each flight. Our clients can be sure that every eventuality will be accounted for in the most capable possible way.

Exceptional Service on Every Flight

We also pride ourselves on delivering service that stands out. From the moment our clients contact an agent, they can count on receiving service that goes far beyond industry norms.

Our highly experienced agents have thousands of aircraft to select from. They narrow the field to best fit our clients’ needs. Educating clients as to their options, they enable better-fitting arrangements. Our commitment to service delivers even more value for private jet charter flights in Connecticut.

With a single point of contact to simplify things, our clients can be sure that every detail will be addressed at the same high level. Should a flight fall through or plans change, our agents react quickly and effectively. Other brokers let passengers fend for themselves once a reservation has been made. We stay involved to ensure that every possible need will be seen to. Our trip support specialists are just as attentive and effective. Flying to or from Connecticut with Stratos Jets means enjoying the highest level of service.

Private Jet Charter Flights at Dozens of Airports in Connecticut

Home to many of the nation’s business leaders, Connecticut is an important destination and departure point for private charter flights. Our agents make the best possible arrangements at the state’s dozens of active airports.

Whether for a quick weekend trip home or as part of a complex, involved itinerary, Stratos arranges the safest private jet charter flights in Connecticut with the best service of all. Especially common destinations include:

  • Bridgeport: Connecticut’s most populous city, Bridgeport is well served by Igor Sikorsky Memorial Airport. Tweed New Haven Airport is also only a short drive away.
  • Hartford: The state’s capital, centrally located Hartford is easy to access from Bradley International Airport. Skylark Airpark and Hartford-Brainard Airport are other common, convenient choices.
  • New Haven: Tweed-New Haven Airport makes it easy to visit or return to this bustling city that is home to Yale University.
  • Stamford: Stamford boasts one of the nation’s highest concentrations of corporate headquarters. It is conveniently accessible from Westchester County and Danbury Muni airports or Igor Sikorsky Memorial near Bridgeport.

Whatever the itinerary, Stratos Jets clients can always count on industry-leading safety and service. Arranging private jet charter flights in Connecticut through Stratos means enjoying more convenience, reliability, and peace of mind. A quick look below at some of the dozens of airports in the state will show that any set of requirements can easily be accommodated, particularly when Stratos sees to the details. For all who wish to Soar Higher™ in Connecticut and elsewhere, Stratos can make it happen.

From the small towns to the coastal cities of Connecticut, traveling is easy with Stratos Jet Charters, the best private jet charter sourcing company in Connecticut. Reserve your flight with as little as a few hours’ notice before flying. All of the charter flights we arrange are pre-screened against a stringent set of safety standards and will be flown under the command of two highly trained and experienced pilots.

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