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Industry statistics indicate there are well over 5,000 airports across the country, but major airlines only serve roughly ten percent of them. Ohio is no different, with only a relative few airports being actively served by large carriers. That puts many travelers, especially business travelers, at a distinct disadvantage, as many regions are simply not easily accessible. Stratos Jet Charters takes up the slack.  We provide travelers with access to private jet charters in Ohio that can access a long list of both large and small airports throughout the state.

Charters Offer Flexibility

Stratos takes pride in providing clients with options not offered by major carriers. Rather than dealing with crowds and increasingly hostile security measures, the Stratos team ensures your flight is easy and convenient. Schedules often require our clients to travel with little notice, which would make it virtually impossible to book flights with many major airlines. Built-in flexibility allows Stratos to provide a level of service not really possible with those large carriers, including scheduling flights at the last minute.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Every client is important. Stratos Jet Charters goes to great lengths to ensure our clients enjoy the industry’s best service and at the same time, are always kept safe. Stratos is an ARGUS-certified broker, and every one of the pilots flying our clients meets those same stringent standards. Flights always include two fully certified pilots capable of dealing with the types of issues routinely experienced during flights. With a vast network of aircraft on call, Stratos clients can always be guaranteed the best options to fit their flight needs.

Of course, we also make sure our clients’ best interests are protected. While every provider is required to carry insurance in the event of an accident of any type, Stratos goes well beyond the minimal requirements to ensure every client is protected. Every Ohio flight is protected not only by the mandated requirements but also by an additional $25 million in coverage.

Convenience Starts on the Ground

The Stratos team’s service starts long before clients board planes. Simply reserving a flight can be difficult when flying with large commercial carriers. With Stratos, the process is straightforward, making the process flow smoothly even when complicated flights are being scheduled. When flying in Ohio, there is no need to wait in long queues at security checkpoints. Flights arranged by Stratos require a verification of each client’s identity, but won’t require the excessive measures generally experienced when flying on large, commercial carriers.

Services provided to clients doesn’t end there. When in the air, every effort is made to ensure your needs are met. Whether you’re flying to Akron or Williams County, flight staff members understand your needs and work to ensure they’re met. Many clients require privacy to conduct business.  Private charters ensure that sensitive information won’t fall into the wrong hands or that delicate discussions are overheard. Staff members there to make sure your every need is met.

Getting to Your Destination Couldn’t be Easier

With roughly 170 airports in Ohio, there’s bound to be one near your ultimate destination. Since our clients are on tight schedules, we’ll make sure your flight takes you as close as possible to that destination. When multiple airports are located nearby, we’ll determine which one results in the shortest drive time. Our Trip Support department will make sure all concierge services are scheduled to eliminate unnecessary delays during your trip.

Remember that, unlike large carriers, Stratos chartered aircraft can access airports around the state. Stratos provides access to aircraft that are able to access small remote airfields.  This flexibility allows our clients to land nearest to their intended destination around Ohio. Our proprietary trip management system guarantees clients’ trips are designed to meet their needs.  Our processes provide seamless organization regardless of the size airport or the complexity of the trip. Where ground transportation or catering is required, the system collaborates with service providers in the vicinity of every Ohio airport.

Delivering the Value Our Clients Demand

Stratos Jet Charters provides value for our clients. Seamless service throughout every trip is always our goal. We take pride in delivering the quality service our clients expect every time. While we can’t prevent delays caused by inclement weather or mechanical failures, we have systems in place to minimize any delays or other inconveniences.

Stratos Jets are Here for You

When convenience, security, and safety are important, Stratos is here to meet your traveling needs. Our vast experience in the jet charter industry allows us to deliver the level of service our most discerning clients demand every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of a single flight to a nearby city on short notice or a complicated series of stops around the state are necessary. Our team is always dedicated to ensuring the needs of every client are carefully addressed. Contacting Stratos for information is easy. We’re ready to provide the appropriate type of aircraft necessary to ensure every flight is comfortable and convenient.

Stratos Jet Charters arranges the best private jet charters in Ohio. When you’re next visiting the state of Appalachian Country and Lake Eerie, give us call. We can arrange a charter flight in as little as a few hours. All of the charter flights we arrange are pre-screened against a stringent set of safety standards.  Each will be flown under the command of two highly trained and experienced pilots.

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