An Apple Lover’s Guide to Private Jet Charter Travel

Private jet charter travelers have an abundance of choice, but sometimes need inspiration when choosing a destination. There can be a certain “déjà vu” if you travel to the same types of places you always go. So, to shake it up a bit, we added a random element: a bowl of apples. Like the cities served by Stratos Jet Charters, apple varieties have some similarities and many uniquely intriguing qualities. Take a bite, and discover your next private jet charter destination.

4 Apple Varieties That Can Inspire Private Jet Charter Travel



Although the name implies exclusivity, Galas are one of the most widely-grown apple varieties. But for Private Jet Charter Travelers who love parties, we recommend one of the biggest galas: New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York. Rather than crowding with the huddled masses below, you can watch the ball drop from the patio of the Marriott Marquis Luxury VIP Party. Specialty cocktails, gourmet appetizers and live DJs, it’s a perfect New Year’s gala! But it’s best to book soon… the giant countdown clock is ticking.


Mount-Fuji-private-jet-charter While researching our recent blog entry on Great Rail Adventures, we came across several ways to experience Japan. Oddly, the best way to see Mount Fuji by rail is from the Tokyo-Osaka shinkansen (bullet-train) commuter train. But as a Private Jet Charter Traveler, you’d probably prefer the comfort and pace of the luxurious train suite Shiki-Shima. This lavish ten-car train only carries 34 passengers on a breath-taking scenic and cultural tour of Japan. Think “luxury yacht on rails,” with elegant cedar bathtubs, gourmet chefs and the finest Japanese hospitality. You may not see Mt. Fuji, but you’ll experience Japan as very few travelers do.


Scotland-castle-private-jet-charter Clan Macintosh is a powerful clan from the Scottish Highlands. Like the Scottish landscape itself, the clan prides itself on being rugged, independent and enduring. Even if you don’t have any Scottish ancestry, taking a private jet charter to Scotland is a stirring, memorable holiday. Old Edinburgh offers castles, museums and photo opportunities galore for the history buff. It also features upscale shopping, dining and spa retreats for the non-history buffs. Or, see the countryside from the Edwardian comfort of the Belmond Royal Scotsman luxury train. They may be rugged, but the Scots know how to do luxury too.

Pink Lady

private jet charters Las Vegas “Pink Lady” is a trade name for an Australian apple variety. But when you think Pink Ladies, showgirls come to mind. And showgirls mean Las Vegas, of course. If you haven’t been to Vegas in a while, (or like in the movie The Hangover, don’t quite remember Vegas) it’s time to come back. There is always a new headline show, a new dining sensation, or a new sporting event to experience. If you prefer outdoor thrills, ATV tours and Grand Canyon helicopter tours beckon the adventurous.   If you’re looking for a private jet charter company that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, including these apple-inspired destinations, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.

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