Luxury Jet Market is Hot: Private Jet Charter Travel is the Better Option

Bloomberg recently reported a trend that will impact private jet charter travelers. The report reveals what some of us have probably noticed: an increased demand for private jets. “People are flying, the economy is strong, corporate investments are taking place across the entire aerospace industry sector and for businesses that fly business jets,’’ said Michael Amalfitano, head of Embraer’s private-aircraft unit. This is welcome news for owners and shareholders in the aircraft industry. But the flip side of this boom is that the increased demand may leave some business and luxury travelers scrambling. It makes sense to use a private jet charter instead of buying a jet right now. Here are three ways that private jet charter travel makes sense in this economy:


Some of you encountered this concept when you bought your first car: Vehicles depreciate. Even in this current market, a shiny new private jet will lose its financial value the moment it takes off. Like every investment, it’s a trade-off. Many individuals and corporations try to justify the expense of ownership, fuel, maintenance and depreciation with the convenience and practicality of having a private jet. If your portfolio and income are healthy, there is no harm in purchasing a jet. But, if you do the math, depending on how far and how frequently you fly, you may find a private jet charter gets you everywhere you want to go for noticeably less.


All aircraft have a flying range, which limits your flexibility. If all your clients and destinations are in the U.S.A., you can easily purchase a private jet capable of trans-continental flight. But what if you need to travel internationally? You’ll need to purchase an aircraft that can get you to your holiday in Dubai or the meeting in Singapore. Or consider the opposite situation: travel to smaller airports. If you want to ski in Killington, Vermont, the runway may be too short for your private jet. You’ll need to land in a larger center, then travel for hours by ground to get to your destination. The benefit of using a private jet charter like Stratos is flexible “right-sizing”. Book a luxurious long-range jet for your trip to Sydney, Australia, and then book a comfortable Very Light Jet for the weekend conference in Vegas.

Value-added service

If you own a jet, you need to hire a crew and employ a team to handle logistics, ground transportation, accommodation and other details. If you don’t have that kind of talent pool, private jet travel can be challenging. Stratos private jet charters prides itself on value-added services. Our Trip Support team can handle:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Ground transportation during your stay
  • Accommodations
  • Meeting venues
  • Meal and event reservations
  • Wheelchair accessibility and other considerations

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